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With more than 20 years media experience I have written to the tightest of deadlines on pretty much any subject. I specialise in strong, engaging narratives that focus on the people behind the story.

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The Easter Rising: As documented in the British newspapers, 1916

Next month seesĀ the marking of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Irish nationalistsĀ headed a campaign to end British rule in Ireland during a time when the outcome of World War 1 was unce......

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Now we are 4...

There have been celebrations a-plenty in Newspaper Towers this weekend. We've been cracking open the bubbley (far away from any delicate newspapers of course) to toast the journey to get here. When......

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An Armistice Remembered

In the days leading up to the Armistice the sense of expectation in the British press built to a fever pitch. They had of course been following each twist and turn of the political negotiations but......